Thursday, October 4, 2012

Wilderness Never Known

As we hide in our walls of stucco placed on grounds dug, moved, then shifted. Used for gravel, made into a homestead and traded for the lives of the native flora and fauna.

Our detachment from True Wilderness...

What can I say to anyone? I cannot argue with someone that is not of this planet.

The human species has taken all actions to believe they are not connected to the land, the soil. Homes, green lawns, air conditioning, heat, soft water...

But we are attached, and vitally so. The truth is the Earth is NOT a limitless resource and I feel so strongly to advocate this, yet in my duty to share my love for nature I never seem to get through. I see puzzled faces of individuals that are "educated" in Universities.

I fear so often, more each second, each day, each moment I allow myself to reflect on what a short time I have in existence... As I fear for the Earth to turn into the surface of the Moon (even if this is after I expire) I am heart broken. My anger is more often replaced with deep sorrow.

Can I?

Can 'we' show all the people populating this planet that it is important to put a plastic bottle in the recycling bin? Can we teach them what true wilderness is?

I fear with each day, and each conversation it is lost.

I'm so tired of all my useless desires.

But I will not stop advocating for what is the only religion; True Wilderness.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Operation: TrailCam Summer 2012

Photos taken: 05 August 2012

Running... Naturally?

Run, you mothers, and brothers of everyone's sister....

Mormons call one another Sister and Brother VERSES Ms. and Mr.
President, Professor, Master, Clergy. 

I wish they called each other Grand Dragons, Imperial Wizard, Grand Cyclops, Lictors, Knight Hawks... Come on if your going to have a religion lets make this interesting and suitable. Only they don't lynch other races, they simply convert them whether they consent or not... See once you die they'll trap your soul in a baptism for the dead. Just ask any Jewish member from the Holocaust. 

Aside, Running has become popular here in the Happy Valley, Bishop.


Born to Run  If you didn't read it, you should if you care for running, more so anthropology. It states many obvious issues with the way we run, namely our form: Rolling the entire foot toes, ball, and heel. A tribe of runners native to Mexico living off of this fermented seed beer are the most healthy, uninjured, athletes. They run without shoes, and only on the toes/balls of their feet. It's a common form for sprinters, but was not often used in long distance running. 

The basic message is to run Naturally. Broad the term: natural, go ahead look up one of the 30+ definitions.

From what I gathered running without shoes is great and more natural (duh.)

Hence the outbreak. 
Have you seen?

-Individuals with toe shoes, running or just "looking fucking sick" and bad-A muther natural?
-Those who take it to heart and sole, No shoes!
- (rarely) An individual wearing running shoes and running in a form without their heels touching the ground.

A) It's natural to run without shoes on.
FALSE: It would be natural if you were running on anything other than: pavement, asphalt, and/or grass. It would also be different if we didn't live in an overcrowded river bottom valley where any number of things littered or other could injury you with ease.

B) Toe-shoes are natural. 
FALSE: If having your toes separated with material keeping your toes apart is natural then I am Francis Farmer. 

C) Running with Athletic shoes suited for your individual needs and in a running form similar to the one described in Born to Run you are better off then running bare foot down a city street.
TRUE: Yeah! Duh. 

TO: All you 'runners' just go for a walk, save yourself some money on fancy shoes, and just go easy on yourself, would ya? It's just been so painful to watch you. Work on form and ease into it, and please REMEMBER YOU CAN RUN 'BAREFOOT' WITH SHOES ON. Amen.


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

America's Dissociation and Denial: Wildfires

Where to Begin? I desperately do not care whom I offend. Later I may regret this, but I am going to try with all the depth a white girl from Orem, UT can muster and try. 

While the billows of smoke rise higher and each day more fires begin. Man made fires, I grow angrier(this is normal, for me). Sure lighting causes natural wildfires, and fires are a healthy part of every ecosystem... However these fires are not natural.

Don't be confused by publications stating animals have heightened senses and can escape wildfires easily. This is just simply not the case. In a year as dry as this with much debris to burn, fires erupt quickly and without much notice. Animals that can escape do, but often rattle snakes, nesting baby birds, and many, many other animals can not escape the flames, and certainly not the smoke. Right now nesting bald eagles are dying of suffocation, and being burned alive. 

It will be no surprise to me some individuals will be found dead in this recent Alpine fire at the bottom of American Fork Canyon. In a very relieving, sick way I am happy a human life will be taken. This is in fact the ONLY  way in which to get the attention of the masses. 
Surely it is not enough to watch forests, and habitats burn. 

I regret to inform anyone I am an American. I do not desire to celebrate the 4th of July. I am not proud of what the United States has become and what it stands for. The question of Environment has not even been placed on the table in this election, because it is of no consequence to the economy. Job growth is.... But funny how directly related natural resources are to job growth.

Funny this relationship is never so bluntly connected...

Our environment is what gives us life. Is is not? So therefore our use of the environment is directly related to our economy. Our very way of life! Why then are we not talking about protecting our economy!? 
Why has there not yet been a statewide ban on fireworks this year?

When do you turn off your Televisions? 
Stop watching the realty racket in your ears, the KSL noise in your head and the empty spaces in between to stop yourself from lighting that firework. The firework you know may begin a fire, because you know the areas around your homes well enough to make the educated decision not to start a wildfire. 
For your safety , the safety of a future economy, and for the future of your babies, babies.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Either: A Reminder or An Education

INDIGENOUS [in-dij-uh-nuhs] in other words original, native, and naturally occurring.

INVASIVE SPECIES [in-vey-siv] [spee-sheez, -seezA type of flora or fauna introduced not native to that region, out competing native species.

Example A:

Invasive Species: Domesticated Cattle
Indigenous once trialed from Northwest Canada to the East Appalachian Range down to Southern Mexico:
North American Bison
Example B:

Invasive Species: Domestic Cats are the leading enemy and cause of native birds.

Indigenous from Southern Canada-Northern Mexico: Bobcat

Example C:

Invasive Species: European Starling compete with all native species but have been shown to especially harm our blue bird population. Here
Indigenous nesting from mid-Mexico throughout the Western United States up into Southwest British Columbia: Black-headed Grosbeak

Final Example: Homo-Sapiens the most invasive species. We are taught to be selfless, but never to the earth that gives us life. Must we always take, or can we give some back? "Soon a millennium will end. With it will pass four billion years of evolutionary exuberance. Yes, some species will survive, particularly the smaller, tenacious ones living in places far too dry and cold for us to farm or graze. Yet we must face the fact that Cenozoic, the Age of the Mammals which has been in retreat since the catastrophic extinctions of the late Pleistocene is over, and that the Anthropozoic or Catastrophozoic has begun." -Michael Soule (1996)

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Permission To: Be

Is anyone really ready? By thinking a thought does it come to be?


At least not by me. While speech may be sincere and well rehearsed it is not a state of being until recorded in another form, written.

Scribbled and crossed over, and read out; then touched down, and finally it becomes. Individual, your's very.
It is/can be known. However honest, dishonest, bias, plain, or pulped up. Gaining power, possibly life eternal.

A Savior unto it's self.

This is why books are dangerous and bold; beautiful things. This is how religion, art, and all manner of human humanity can be defined. The irrefutable desire to communicate.

Now this is mine. Not mine before nor after, but right now. The idea is the looping of grey static. This idea while presented through my words is BP, BC!

Etched in stone, in abstract smears on modern canvas, through historical fiction or biographical documentaries. 

It's grace is it's own;

Like us, easily distorted and grossly unactualized.
Homo sapiens: Forever through art by an imperfect moment in flesh.

Photo @ Fremont Indian State Park Museum in Sevier, UT